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Bahrain Polytechnic has a team of staff whose primary role is managing relationships with key stakeholders, and professional associations. Garmco logo with internal staff to enrich students’ experience, keeping up to date with trends and technologies and ensuring staff are provided with updates, keeping track of Bahrain Polytechnic graduates in the labour market.

The role of the Industry Liaison Team is to provide effective interface with private and public stakeholders and seek input from industry and business in education and training programmes, liaising with and maintaining on, reporting on and analysing employability skills data. Seeking potential contributors from industry and business community for scholarship; identifying opportunities for the provision of specialised training programmes and short courses for industry and business for their training needs.

Identifying industry skills gaps and opportunities and providing feedback to academic colleagues, and develop new business activities through partnership. Polytechnic believe it is vital to have input from business and industry into its programmes to ensure that graduates have the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the needs of employers and also to enhance their life.

Inform short course offerings; careers Employment Centre and the Professional Development Unit. Government leaders and agencies; encouraging and supporting staff to engage in research activities of various kinds with Business and Industry.